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Incentives Programs: How Sports Hospitality Can Benefit Your Business

The power of incentive events is undeniable. When done well, they can help organizations drive employee engagement, meet and exceed business goals and increase motivation. Sports hospitality events are no different. They can be used to incentivize employees, reward excellent performance and expand your business.

In this article, we break down why clients choose to entertain around unique, adrenaline-packed, sporting experiences.

sports hospitality incentive at a tennis tournament | Global agency. BCD Meetings & Events

6 Ways Sports Hospitality incentives Can Benefit Your Business


Build Relationships

Meeting face to face in a relaxed and exciting environment encourages a whole new level of trust and rapport when talking business. Corporate hospitality experiences can create strong connections with new and potential clients and improve current business relationships.

Unique Experiences

After two years of virtual meetings, the wholly unpredictable nature of a live sporting event is certain to WOW clients and team. The tension, drama, and energy of the crowd are the perfect ingredients for creating excitement and memories that will last a lifetime.

Reward Employees

Did the sales team knock their goal out of the park? Has the operational team come up with new and entrepreneurial ideas to help save the company money? Are there leaders within your organization who are going above and beyond what is expected? Rewarding staff for reaching goals and milestones shows that the company values and appreciates all of the hard work that is put into making the company successful.

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Create Brand Awareness

How many times have you gone to a sporting event and seen a company logo on the outside of a suite, or at a pre-game tailgate party that everyone is trying to get into?

Creating unique experiences helps to showcase your brand and create awareness among a new audience. Potential clients, talented individuals looking to change companies, you never know who might be left with a good impression.

Male professional cyclist taking part in a cycling race for team Sky | Global Agency. BCD Meetings & Events

Be a Part of History

Imagine taking your top clients to a sporting event and having them experience a moment in history. Think game 7 of the World Series to see the Astros win their first-ever Championship. The 2021 Grand National where Rachael Blackmore became the first-ever female jockey to win in the race’s 182-year history. Or taking a client to see their alma mater win the National championship for the first time.

Those experiences will never be forgotten, and neither will your company.

Show Appreciation

Getting out of the office and attending a unique experience alongside customers and employees shows that you truly care and value their loyalty.

A face-to-face thank you and enjoying time in a relaxed atmosphere will take your relationship to the next level.


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Originally published Jun 27, 2022 12:00:00 AM
Last updated on Dec 22, 2022 3:43:42 PM

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