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European Sales Meeting

Reinvention of European Sales Meeting for global Medtech leader

2,500+ in person attendees, 8 simultaneous awards dinners and, over 125 content deliverables

Success Story

The Brief

A global MedTech leader sought to revolutionize their European Sales Meeting to be more engaging and informative.

The goal was to use modern technology to deliver key messages effectively, motivate the sales force, and accommodate a global audience, both in-person and remotely.

The Solution

A dynamic event featuring diverse video surfaces was created to add depth to the meeting space. Custom videos and graphics were tailored for motivation and education.

The event included a live Q&A, a General Plenary session, over 80 breakout sessions, and 8 awards dinners across Barcelona.

Key technological integrations included real-time translations in 10 languages and a live stream reaching 40,000 global viewers, including in China. Pre and post-event content reels were also produced.

The Results

The meeting attracted over 2,500 attendees and successfully engaged a global audience of 40,000 viewers via live stream.

The use of technology for real-time language interpretation and interactive elements like live Q&A significantly enhanced attendee engagement.

The event effectively communicated key messages, leaving the sales force motivated and informed.