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Virtual Sales Training Program

Memorable multi-site webcast series for new food service products

A quarterly broadcast series allowed for up-to-date training of national sales force.

Success story

The Brief

BCD Meetings & Events was asked to produce a quarterly multi-site webcast that would enable the client to educate their national sales force on new seasonal products.

The Solution

For more than 10 years, BCD Meetings & Events has been producing and managing a quarterly multi-site broadcast that highlights new food service products being released for each season.

Each 60 minute broadcast begins in a newsroom and panel environment. The hosts then communicate with the chefs, who showcase each new product and its uses through live demonstrations, streamed from a different site. This is then broadcast to thousands of remote viewers throughout the country.

These broadcasts are also recorded so that team members can revisit the training at a later date if needed.

The Results

A series of engaging and memorable demonstrations that successfully highlight new products and their uses.

These webcasts allow the customer to conduct a multi-site meeting accessible to their entire sales force, giving sales reps the tools and information they needed to sell the new products.