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Venue Sourcing

£13.8k Saved for Global Automotive Client

Preferred partnership leveraged to generate a 30-40% saving on rooms for five day event.

Success Story

The Brief

A global automotive client asked BCD Meetings & Events to source the perfect venue for the launch of their new off-road car.

Alongside the requirement of off-road driving space, the venue needed to have capacity for the five-day event and a variety of locations suitable for small meetings, private dinners, a group BBQ, and accommodation for all the attendees.

The Solution

We leveraged our preferred relationship with the hotel chain to save costs and enhance terms for the client.

A low, flat rate for accommodation was negotiated to avoid the large supplements associated with the higher categories of rooms. This generated a 30-40% saving on premium rooms.

We used our knowledge of the venue’s event space to request an upgrade to better-suited, more spacious rooms with suitable access and parking facilities, at no additional cost to the client. This ensured a more impactful showcase of the new off-road vehicle.

The variety of entertaining and dining spaces were a key element of the event. We focused on utilizing each of the dining options available within the venue by bringing solutions and catering experiences such as barbecues and cocktail bars, for the attendees to enjoy throughout their stay.

The Results

BCD Meetings & Events was able to provide the perfect venue for the client’s off-road car launch, whilst simultaneously saving the client a significant sum of £13.8K.