2018 FIFA World Cup – Belgium

Providing unforgettable experiences through unparalleled preparation

Expert planning and seamless execution result in an incredible World Cup experience for all clients

Client Stats

  • Over 1,500 attendees to manage during program duration
  • 58 Belgian sports press clients managed
  • Over 8 large corporate clients served
  • Client events were executed in nearly all cities of play

Need to Know

  • Clients were served for every Belgium team match during the tournament
  • Cultural barriers provided unique challenges for attendees including extra Fan ID requirements
  • Oversaw all logistical details including air travel, charter flights, hotel sourcing and booking, transfers, catering, and fan ID services
  • Exclusive hotel solution was created for event duration

The Brief

The Belgian Sports press contacted BCD looking for solutions to several logistical challenges they were facing prior to the FIFA World Cup. Their first challenge was the need for a cost-effective solution to their hotel needs. They had a preference for lodging near the Belgian National Team’s ‘base camp’ however, due to a late confirmation of the Belgian team’s accommodations in northwest Moscow they were faced with both timing and planning obstacles. Their secondary dilemma centered around securing a domestic charter flight that could also shadow the same flight schedule as the Belgian National Team throughout all match play in Russia.

The Solution

To provide the best possible experience we chose to collaborate with a reliable local agency who had previously executed contracted work with us for other football related projects and programs in Russia. Additionally, we elected to work with a BCD preferred and vetted charter company with relationships on the ground with local Russian airport authorities. To solve our client’s hotel challenges we secured all blocks of a 3 and 4-star hotel for the majority of the stay. Each hotel had two dedicated staff members and a DMC staff member fluent in Russian on-site to assist with any client needs and the oversight of food, WiFi, and transfer requirements during the Belgian Press Group's stay. The on-site staff was also given the ability to change or book tickets to additional Russian match-play cities in order to quickly anticipate client needs during the elimination stages of the tournament and accommodate for any last minute needs.

The Results

The Belgian Sports Press group was extremely happy with the level of personalized service they received throughout the program. Our clients expressed overwhelming gratitude for the logistical support provided while under incredible stress and pressure—especially given the diversity of the TV networks, news outlets, and media houses, and the fact that many of them were industry competitors. They adamantly expressed our service commitment, strategy, and people made all the difference in providing the smoothest possible programming throughout the event.

Thank you also for all your energy and dedication for the smooth running of this World Cup. I found - and still think - the collaboration was more than successful and I am very happy that we came to such a good relationship with - and the rest of BCD - can certainly be proud of what you have realized here, and are still doing.