Food Industry Client

15-year partnership grows national convention to record attendance & saves $1.2m in 2015

Tradeshow: 3,000 Attendees

For 15 years, this leading company within the food industry has partnered with us to design and grow its national convention—saving $1.2 million and setting a new attendance record in 2015

Longevity: 15-year partnership

Client Stats

  • Food industry company
  • National convention
  • 3,000 attendees
  • Franchisees, operators and crew members
Savings: 1.2 Million in 2015

Need to Know

  • Complex program with three events
  • Consultative, innovative thought leadership
  • NEW attendance record
  • $1.2M in negotiated savings

The Brief

For the past 15 years we have partnered with this client to design and grow their national convention that is attended by thousands of franchisees, operators and crew members. A complex program, it’s comprised of three distinct events: a two-day sales convention, a tradeshow with approximately 250 exhibitors and the three-day national convention.

The Solution

Consultative, innovative thought leadership • Focus on cost savings, risk mitigation and operational excellence • Mobile app strategy • Registration and attendee management • Tradeshow and exhibitor management • Website development • Group air • On-site staffing • Robust sponsorship strategy management • Sponsorship strategy guidance

The Results

This partnership is a true success story. The client secured more than $1.2 million in negotiated savings for their 2015 convention alone. The continued growth and success of the convention, and the client overall, was demonstrated this year with more than 3,000 attendees—a new record!

The Story

For the past 15 years we have been partnering with our client to grow and innovate their flagship conference. The conference includes the management of three separate events. By taking a consultative approach, we have provided innovative solutions year after year to keep the conference fresh and interesting for attendees while still focusing on cost savings, risk mitigation and operational excellence for our client.

Across a variety of planning and on-site execution services, we also manage the program’s tradeshow component which is a complex process in itself. We provide the resources to expertly oversee the exhibit hall setup, vendor install/dismantle and local labor and union regulation coordination. Supporting their successful sponsorship strategy, we ensure their sponsors receive the desired return on their investment. We manage the sponsorship budget, contract the exhibit space, manage booth assignments and allocate funds to ensure the revenue is supporting the program’s growth and success.

Our long-term partnership on this program is a testament to the success that can occur when we manage multiple, full-service aspects of a program and strategically push our client to adapt innovative trends, best practices and efficiencies. In 2015 alone, our client saved more than $1.2 million in negotiated savings and broke attendance records with more than 3,000 attendees.