Multi-Year Team Travel Partnership

Moving Belgium’s number one team for 15 years

Customized solutions create seamless and worry-free team travel experience

Client Stats

  • 150 people requiring transport for each game to a variety of European locations
  • Desired a seamless, professional program that met all of the team’s ideal conditions

Need to Know

  • Excellent treatment and accommodations requested for team to ensure a comfortable experience
  • Matches took place at the UEFA Nations League, UEFA Europa League, and FIFA World Russia 2018

The Brief

The RSC Anderlecht team needed a travel program and logistical support to move 150 people from Belgium to a variety of European locations for each game. They needed detailed information on destination and venue locations, comprehensive plans for air travel, and hotel sourcing. Additionally they requested special airport check-in procedures be put in place to ensure the comfort of the team while traveling.

The Solution

BCD Sports provided a comprehensive team travel program for the RSC Anderlecht team. The BCD Sports team first contacted local agents to collect information about destinations, site inspections, stadiums, VIP areas, dressing rooms, and parking. We also provided safe and adequate security for the UEFA games and press meetings. We then moved into sourcing the ideal hotels for players and staff and gave the team first choice to provide them with the most satisfactory accommodations available. Special airport check-in procedures, personalized seating plans, special meals, and custom treatments were available on the flights to make team as comfortable as possible during their travel.

The Results

The BCD Sports Team was able to successfully design and implement a comprehensive team travel program that accommodated both team’s needs and ensured a safe and reliable experience throughout the duration of the program.